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Scelidosauro esposto al museo di Bristol (Gran Bretagna)

Un nuovo reperto di Scelidosauro, ritenuto il fossile più completo ritrovato in Gran Bretagna, è stato esposto al Museo di Bristol (Gran Bretagna). Farà compagnia agli altri tre esemplari esposti.

Articolo su BBC news (link)

20:35 GMT, Wednesday, 21 May 2008 21:35 UK

Whole dinosaur on show to public

An intact dinosaur skeleton unearthed in Dorset is about to go on public display in Bristol.

The skeleton shows the dinosaur was covered with armour

The detail on the spiky plant-eating scelidosaurus is so clear it is possible to see the contents of its last meal still in its throat.

Fossil hunter Dave Soul made the discovery near Charmouth eight years ago and kept going back until he had collected the entire dinosaur.

The skeleton will go on show at the Bristol Museum next month.

“I decided I should investigate a strange-looking rock covered in mud, so I took the hammer to a corner of it and knocked the mud off and it was packed full of bone,” said Mr Soul.

“I would never have dreamed of making such a find. It’s a very exciting find for me,” he said.

Experts who examined the bones say the skeleton shows the dinosaur was more spiky than previously thought and that its whole body was covered with armour.

“It was an absolutely jaw-dropping moment (seeing the skeleton),” said Dr Tim Ewin of Bristol City Museum.

Articolo su The Press Association (link)

Dinosaur skeleton goes on display

1 day ago

The most complete skeleton of a dinosaur found in Britain is going on display at a city museum.

The herbivorous scelidosaurus dinosaurs at Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery are the best preserved remains to be found in the country, museum staff said.

A near-complete horned adult and the remains of two youngsters form the centrepiece of a new dinosaur gallery.

The scelidosaurus was the length of a car and almost as heavy, staff said. The dinosaurs moved in herds and lived in the Jurassic period, 190 million years ago.

Discovered on the Dorset coast, at Lyme Regis, it sported heavy studded armour for protection against carnivores and is thought to have been wiped out by a flood or tsunami.

Dr Tim Ewin, acting curator of geology, said: “This is certainly a coup for Bristol. We are pleased to have these outstanding specimens, they are the best-preserved dinosaur remains ever found in England.”


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