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I pesci fossili di Bolca forniscono nuovi esempi di asimmetria [Amphistium, Heteronectes, Pleuronectiformes]

I pesci fossili di Bolca forniscono nuovi esempi di asimmetria[vedi numero di Settembre 2008 di “Le Scienze”]


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1. The evolutionary origin of flatfish asymmetry

Matt Friedman

SUMMARY: All adult flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes), including the gastronomically familiar plaice, sole, turbot and halibut, have highly asymmetrical skulls, with both eyes placed on one side of the head.

CONTEXT: …Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna (NHMW). Total length is 142 mm; standard length is 111 mm. Horizon and locality. Bolca, possibly Monte Postale locality, northern Italy. Lower Eocene (Ypresian; SBZ11). Diagnosis. Stem pleuronectiform…

Nature 454, 209 – 212 (10 Jul 2008), doi: 10.1038/nature07108, Letter

2. The eyes have it

Daniel Cressey

SUMMARY: Fossilized flatfish settle evolutionary conundrum.

CONTEXT: …I first noticed the fossil, it was sitting unidentified in a drawer of indeterminate fossil fish pieces from Monte Bolca [in Italy],” he says. “And believe me, it didn t look like much at the time it was an incomplete specimen…

Nature News (09 Jul 2008), doi: 10.1038/news.2008.946, News

3. Palaeontology: Squint of the fossil flatfish

Philippe Janvier

SUMMARY: Evolutionary biologists have floundered when trying to explain how the asymmetrical head of flatfishes came about. ‘Gradually’ is the answer arising from exquisite studies of 45-million-year-old

CONTEXT: …(which has been known for a long time). The specimens all come from the exceptional fossil-fish locality of Bolca, Italy, and were once regarded as possible flatfish relatives on the basis of their postcranial skeleton. However, this…

Nature 454, 169 – 170 (09 Jul 2008), doi: 10.1038/454169a, News and Views


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