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2008-09-28 – Grande successo alla mostra dedicata ai Dinosauri (Tunbridge Wells Museum, GBR)

Dinosaur show breaks attendance records for museum

Sunday, September 28, 2008, 16:00

A dinosaur exhibition at a museum has proved a roaring success with more than 20,000 fans of the prehistoric creatures attending.
The Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery, which is run by the town’s borough council, said the summer show attracted more than double its normal visitor numbers.

Katrina Burton, audience development officer for the museum, said the universal appeal and mystery surrounding the lives of dinosaurs had made the exhibition such a success.

“I think the dinosaur theme appeals to everyone,” she said.

“They are big, scary and fierce and a bit mystical because they were around so long ago.

“That’s why I think the science part of it appeals because people are interested in how we can find out more about them, how they lived and how they became extinct.”

Families and visitors of all ages came to The BBC Ballad of Big Al: A Walking With Dinosaurs Exhibition, which displayed some of the models used in the popular television series.

Allosaurus fans were also able to see footage from the programme staring the 145 million-year-old creature.

The exhibition also marked the 75th anniversary of the discovery of iguanodon fossils in High Brooms near Tunbridge Wells.

“The remains were found in the old brick pit while workers were digging clay out. They found this huge dinosaur.

“Iguanodons were land dwelling herbivores. They lived in this high Weald area which at the time had a big fresh water lake.

“You can imagine them foraging for leaves and plants around the shores,” Ms Burton said.

The distinguishing feature of the creatures is thumb spikes, which experts believe could have been used as defence against predators, she said.

Two thigh-bones and a bit of the back bone from the iguanodon were discovered in 1933 and are 136 million years old from a time when the species was common to the area.

“It is quite a significant find, especially for this country because there are not that many [dinosaur remains] discovered in Britain,” Ms Burton added.

Another reason the exhibition proved so popular could have been due to the rainy summer and the dinosaur related activities at the museum, which included interactive challenges for children also drew a crowd.

Cllr James Scholes, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s portfolio holder for communities, said some families had even come to the exhibit several times.

He added: “The museum gallery is an important resource, attracting visitors from the wider area.  With so many people visiting throughout July and August it proves that the exhibitions that are selected are exactly what people are interested in.”



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