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Nuovi Cacciatori di fossili (Fossil Hunters)

Fossil hunter digs deep

sheryl moore
30/ 9/2008

A BURY fossil hunter is digging deep with his new venture.

Peter Heaton has travelled the globe collecting fossils, and has turned his hobby into a business selling its `works of art’ around the world.

Fine Fossils was set up by Peter and his artist son, Guy, six months ago.

While Peter’s job is to collect the fossils, Guy then turns them into pieces of art.

Peter said: “My son, who has an artistic background and has worked as an illustrator and cartoonist, spends many hundreds or even thousands of hours removing a fossil from its matrix.

“Once this is done, Guy either mounts the fossils in hand-painted frames or on objects to become sculptures. Every piece is a unique work of art.”

Peter, who earlier this year sold his business, THI UK, which made equipment for petrol stations and who invented a `dogwash’ for the forecourt a few years ago, says he became interested in fossils as a child.

Since then, he has been on digs everywhere in the world from the famous Dinosaur Valley in the United States to Russia, Africa, Brazil and China.

He has amassed a collection of more than 600 fossils. It includes complete dinosaurs including a psittacosaurus, one of the smallest dinosaurs at a few feet long, and a prehistoric crocodile.

He also has complete sea creatures such as sea horses, along with birds, insects, small mammals, plants and shells.

The art works retail from £500 up to £8,000, and Peter says the majority of Fine Fossils’ customers are high-end interior designers, and its products can be found gracing the walls of offices, hotels and homes around the world.

Fine Fossils, which is expected to turnover around £300,000 in its first year of trading, also has individual customers across Europe, America and Australia.

The company is having an office launch party tonight at its office at Warth Business Centre in Bury.

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