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2008-10-03 – Fluttuzioni del livello del mare nel Paleozoico (Paleozoic Sea-Level Changes)

A Chronology of Paleozoic Sea-Level Changes

Bilal U. Haq1* and Stephen R. Schutter2

Science 3 October 2008:
Vol. 322. no. 5898, pp. 64 – 68
DOI: 10.1126/science.1161648

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In the free access Pdf of “supporting online material” there is the Chart with sea level fluctuations

Bilal U. Haq

COVER Ordovician sedimentary rocks at Presqu

Abstract – Sea levels have been determined for most of the Paleozoic Era (542 to 251 million years ago), but an integrated history of sea levels has remained unrealized. We reconstructed a history of sea-level fluctuations for the entire Paleozoic by using stratigraphic sections from pericratonic and cratonic basins. Evaluation of the timing and amplitude of individual sea-level events reveals that the magnitude of change is the most problematic to estimate accurately. The long-term sea level shows a gradual rise through the Cambrian, reaching a zenith in the Late Ordovician, then a short-lived but prominent withdrawal in response to Hirnantian glaciation. Subsequent but decreasingly substantial eustatic highs occurred in the mid-Silurian, near the Middle/Late Devonian boundary, and in the latest Carboniferous. Eustatic lows are recorded in the early Devonian, near the Mississippian/Pennsylvanian boundary, and in the Late Permian. One hundred and seventy-two eustatic events are documented for the Paleozoic, varying in magnitude from a few tens of meters to 125 meters.

1 National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA 22230, USA.
2 Murphy Oil International, Houston, TX 77094, USA.
* To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

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