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2008-10-16 – USA: Incredibile spettacolo teatrale con dinosauri animatronics (dinosaurs, theatrical show)

Per il secondo anno consecutivo prosegue negli USA uno spettacolo teatrale in cui i protagonisti sono degli splenidi animatronics di dinosauri

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When GIANTS roamed

(by Michael Lamendola – October 15, 2008)

Without warning, its massive 23 by 42-foot body emerges. Children immediately recognize its ominous figure, the most menacing of all the carnivores during the Cretaceous period that ended 65 million years ago. With a gasp, the men, women and children before the T-Rex are awe inspired, but aware that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is capable of eating 140 pounds in one simple gulp. That’s bone and flesh combined.Sounds like a scene from “Jurassic Park,” but it’s not. This is live, in-your-face 21st Century-meets-a prehistoric time 65 to 245 million years ago. The setting is the IZOD Center and the crowd that fills it is literally “Walking with Dinosaurs”.

 History comes alive

The stars

They range from the avian species to those that lived on the ground, both carnivores and herbivores. Fifteen in all, the dinosaurs represent 10 species spanning all periods of their reign on Earth from the Plateosaurus of the Triassic period to the Utahraptor of the Cretaceous period.
From the first scene, it’s amazing how fluent the dinosaur’s movements are. An egg hatches, signifying the birth of a Plateosaurus, but suddenly, the largest carnivore of the Triassic period, the Liliensternus swoops in and devours the young. The crowd whimpers, signifying the show is not for the weak of heart.
But as much the life-size dinosaurs are the stars in their own right, the operators of the dinosaurs are just as intricate. The smaller dinosaurs are essentially suits, weighing on average 90 pounds, which a single suit operator is situated in and has full control over its movements from running around the stage to operating the head, eyes and sounds from inside the suit with a harness-based Steadicam system. This applies to the baby T-Rex, Utahraptors and the Liliensternus.
For larger dinosaurs however, it takes a team of three, two puppeteers behind the scenes from the stage and a driver, that essentially sits in a small, enclosed cart directly underneath the dinosaur, the largest being the towering Brachiosaurus at 36 feet tall by 56 feet long. During the show, the specimen at times elongates its neck past the stage, getting up close and personal with the audience.

Behind the scenes

Possibly even more impressive than the show itself is what goes into the show, from its original conception to the dinosaurs moving about arenas worldwide with the grace as if they were in their natural environment so many millions of years ago.
Matthew McCoy, head puppeteer of the show, mans the Voodoo Lounge, a raised mezzanine stage that controls nearly every aspect of the animatronics and sounds of the 15 dinosaurs that grace the stage. Whatever the dinosaur drivers and suit performers aren’t doing to control the beasts, McCoy and his team of seven are, including everything from eye blinks to moans, groans and growls.
“This is really an amazing show,” said McCoy. “I’ve worked with puppets much larger than this, but the level animatronics in this makes it so unique.”
Take a beast like T-Rex or Brachiosaurus for example, two of the largest dinosaurs of the show. The average large dinosaur is composed of 971 feet of fabric and 433 feet of foam wrapped around over a half-mile of cabling, which controls the electronics and hydraulics. Twelve truck batteries power the dinosaur that’s slapped with an impressive 53 gallons of paint. But it’s the work of McCoy’s team that takes on the physical aspects of the dinos and make them come to life.
Through radio waves, the onboard dinosaur “brain” receives signals from one puppeteer controlling the body movements as well as the head and tail by using a forearm sling control device. The arm moves right, the dinosaur moves right. Arm moves left, dinosaur moves left. The second puppeteer by way of a joystick controls eye blinks, jaw movements and with the aid of a keyboard, the moans, groans and growls of the each specific dinosaur.
“We’ve hit the wrong ones on occasion,” laughs McCoy, who has been in animatronics his whole life, working on movies like “Racing Stripes” and the hit Sci-Fi television series “Farscape.”

After the IZOD stint, McCoy, will pack his gear up and head to another city in hopes of educating and fascinating others. For the dinosaurs, the trip is a little more strenuous. The crew of 15 and the rest of the set require a convoy for transportation, 27 tractor-trailers in all.
What it takes to walk with dinosaurs
Dinosaurs featured: 15 in all, representing 10 species
Largest dinosaur: A Brachiosaurus at 36 feet tall by 56 feet long
Each large dinosaur weighs: 1.6 tons, equivalent to a standard family sedan
Operators per dinosaur: Three; a driver and two voodoo puppeteers
Transported from venues with: 27, 53-foot semi tractor-trailers


Each large dinosaur runs on: Seven kilowatts of power from 12 truck batteries
Cabling inside the dinosaur totals: 1,094 yards or just over a half-mile
The dinosaur is made of: 971 feet of fabric, 433 feet of foam and 53 gallons of paintsource:   (see the slideshow !!)




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  2. Ciao,
    ho sentito per il tg che questo spettacolo dovrebbe arrivare anche in italia e pure a bologna, città molto vicina a me. Non riesco a trovare niente su internet, tranne la tua pagina web. Mi sai dire qualcosa di più al riguardo?
    Non ho figli… ci voglio andare io, anche se ho 45 anni :o)

    Commento di flavio | settembre 27, 2009

  3. gentilmente vorrei essere avvisata via e-mail all’indirizzo quando lo spettacolo “a spasso coi dinosauri” sarà in italia e come fare per poter avere i biglietti. grazie

    tiziana scandale

    Commento di tiziana scandale | settembre 27, 2009

  4. chissà se qualcuno mi informa delle date in Italia 2010? grazie

    Commento di michela | novembre 1, 2009

  5. Gli spettacoli si terranno:
    dal 24 al 28 febbraio Milano, Mediolanum Forum
    dal 3 al 7 marzo Bologna, Futur Show Station
    dal 10 al 14 marzo Torino, PalaOlimpico

    Commento di Giuseppe Buono | novembre 2, 2009


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