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2008-10-19 – Ebay: I fossili più belli dell’ultima settimana (Last week best fossils)

Guarda la gallery, leggi le descrizioni e poi vota il tuo preferito !!
Look at the gallery, read the description and vote your favourite fossil !!


a)       TRILOBITE Death Assemblage

 This large, ordovican plate measuring 19 x 14 x 1 originates in Hunan Province, China and features an enormous, complete Asaphopsides measuring 6.75 x 5.33. Prepped in the USA (by me) there is absolutely no restoration, repair, enhancement, coloring or treatment of any kind. This beyond museum quality specimen contains 6 Norinia Convexa (largest 2.55 x 2.25), 4 Psilocephalina Lubrica (largest 3.9 x 2.75), 2 paraszechuanella (largest 2.5 x 1.15), 2 Asaphopsides (largest 6.75 x 5.33), and one unidentified species (2.3 x 1.2). Beautifully 3-dimensionally arrayed with trilobites stacked up to 3 deep, the delicate white calcification of the exoskeletons contrasts nicely with the dark grey limestone.

steelhead9 – US $172.50


b)       Placenticeras


thatswhat – US $875.00 (not sold)


c)        Jurassic Confucius Bird Fossil

 Origin: Liaoning province,China

Material: Fossil

Fossil Dating: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous

Weight: 5kg with package

 vipcreative718 – US $3,000.00 (not sold ?)


d)       Large Eocene Fossil Trout Miolposus labracoides Eofish

 We are offering a Large Eocene fossil fish, Mioplosus labracoides, a distant relative of the modern Trout from the 51 million year old Green River Formation limestone sediments of S.W. Wyoming. The Mioplosus was a predatory fish as evidenced by the mouth full of small needle like teeth. This specimen was quarried from the 18 inch (F1) layer near Kemmerer, Wyoming. The preparation was done without damaging any of the original fossil, NO RESTORATION. The fish measures 12 1/4 inches on rectangular limestone matrix measuring 14 1/2 x 22 inches.  A small 2 inch Diplomystus dentatus is also preserved on the stone.

 eofish  – US $381.27 – Item number: 270285986736


e)        E) Spectacular fossil fish Lepidotes elvensis 31.5 inches

 Family: Semionotidae
Genus: Lepidotes
Species: elvensis
Country:  Germany

 ” Lepidotes elvensis “ 

Jurassic Holzmaden, Germany

The Lepidotes are amongst the rarest fish fossils 

and the one offered here represents one of the most spectacular examples ever seen.

It is from one of the most popular collecting localities, the shale of the Posidonienschiefer formation in Holzmaden, Germany Lepidotes is one of the most desirable species of fish from Holzmaden, and one of the most beautiful of all fish species in the fossil record.
 The Matrix is: lenght 40,16 inch and high 17.72 inch and digness is 1.97 inch;
The fish lenght is 31.5 inches !!!
The matrix weight is nearly 143 pounds.
At approximately 31.5  inches in length this is one of the very biggest and best examples, superior even to those in German museums.
You can watch 73 pictures of this fish on the following link:
Please look for them detailed on this link on PhotoBucket:

  Item number: 160290285076 – auktioner08 – US $13,000.00 (NOT SOLD ?)



 Thrissops sp. Fossil Fish

Here is one rather special fossil fish, a rare Thrissops sp. from the border of Lower Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian of Weymouth, on the famous Jurassic Coast of the U.K. Approx. 150,000,000 years old. This is a superbly preserved complete example and one of the largest examples ever found from the area. The fish itself measures 20.5 long on original matrix measuring 21.25 x 13 x 1.25 which also displays Kosmocerid and Perisphcintes Ammonites. A superbly prepared and 100% genuine specimen with beautiful colouring. As always, you are welcome to view this piece at our shop in Hastings. This fish exhibits spectactularly fine fin and scale detailing which I am unable to pick up with the camera… A sizeable and spectacular display piece.

 Item number: 290266187177 – fossilfarm-uk – US $676.00


g)       TRIASSIC FOSSIL FISH Asialepidotes shingyiensis Fossils

 Asialepidotus Fossil Fish

RARE complete specimen from China

An Asialepidotes shingyiensis fossil fish from KeiZhou province, China. A large specimen measuring 8 in an original matrix measuring 11.4 x 6.6 x 0.7. An exceptionally rare Triassic fossil from a region famous for its Keichousaurus reptiles. A very high quality piece with superb detailing, epsecially of fins, rays and the famous lepidotes mosaic-like scales.

 Item number: 350107136686 – fossilfarm-uk – US $129.50 



 Palaeopera proxima Fish Fossil

Eocene Fossil from Messel, Germany

An exceptional fossil Palaeoperca proxima (Perch) from Messel, near Frankfurt, Germany. A large example measuring 8.75 long on a matrix of 12 x 7.3. Stunning preservation of fins, rays, vertebra, soft tissue and even the tiny spines along the gill plates. Fish fossils from this region represent some of the most beautiful fossil fish in the world and are extremely rare. Always saught after and great for display. From an old collection, prepared using traditional transfer methods. One of the finest examples of this species I have ever seen.

Item number: 350106718464 – fossilfarm-uk – US $1,003.00 


i)         Aquatic Reptile Mesosaurus Braziliensis Fossil

 Aquatic Reptile Mesosaurus Braziliensis

Late Permian Period ~ 280 Million Years Old

Brazil, South America

Fossil Display Measures: 20 wide x 14 high

Item number: 360091825758 – toyhawksUS $1,162.00 





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