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2008-11-07 – Swaffham Museum, UK: Fossil Frolics

Crochette per cani a forma di fossili ………………


Fossil Frolics part of the Big Draw in Swaffham

 Published Date:
07 November 2008

SWAFFHAM Museum arranged activities for families to take part in during the half-term holiday last week and also celebrated Big Draw Day on Wednesday.
Museum education officer Sian Hogarth said the week began with a Fossil Frolics session, inspired by the museum’s collection of fossils, ammonites and a mammoth’s tooth.

“We did artwork based on them then pressed them into clay to create a plaster cast, which we decorated and jazzed up so they could take them home,” she said.

During the Dabbling with Dinosaurs session that afternoon, family groups made mini-mammoths by scrunching up newsprint and recycled materials and using masking tape and bits of fur.

Miss Hogarth said some visitors came from as far away as Attleborough and Lowestoft to take part in the activities.

“We had mums and dads joining in and it was a lovely atmosphere – the children were really engaged,” she said.

For the Big Draw Day, local man John Hooker donned the guise of John Chapman, the Pedlar of Swaffham, and posed so that children could draw his portrait for display in the museum.

Youngsters also had a go at cave painting and drawing pictures of museum objects.

Thursday was Doll Day, marking the launch of the museum’s new display of the D.M. Symonds collection of doll characters inspired by Dickens, Shakespeare and Tolkein’s works.


Miss Hogarth said children learned about the Swaffham art teacher who put together the “incredibly detailed” collection in the 1980s, and listened to the stories behind the characters portrayed.

And with Hallowe’en beckoning, a Goblins, Ghouls and Ghastly Ghosts session was held on last Thursday afternoon with children enjoying the chance to create their own spooky puppet figures and creepy crawlies, she said.

 Last Updated: 06 November 2008 2:57 PM

  • Source: Lynn News Friday
  • Location: King’s Lynn



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