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2008-11-23 – Portogallo: polemiche per la vendita all’asta di un dinosauro (Portugal, Dinosaur tail sale)

Un macchinista di escavatore ha scoperto casualmente resti di un Sauropode e si è rifiutato di cederli ad un museo nazionale, anzi le ha messe all’asta su internet ….


Dinosaur tail sale sparks anger in Portugal

A Portuguese bulldozer driver who is selling a dinosaur fossil he found online has been criticised by experts for refusing to hand the bones over to a museum.

Last Updated: 12:08AM GMT 22 Nov 2008

Gonsalo Ribeiro, who has refused to reveal where exactly in western Portugal he discovered the bones, decided to cash in on his lucky find by offering it up for sale on the internet.

“For sale, dinosaur spine 90 per cent intact,” reads his advertisement, posted in the antiquities section of a website.

“I own an excavation business, and one day when we were out digging, we came across some stones. But when I took a closer look, I noticed they were not stones,” said Mr Ribeiro.

He says that what he thought were stones are a 11.8-foot- long sauropod’s tail.

The archaeological find is between 146 and 152 million years old and of “huge scientific value”, according to palaeontologist Octavio Mateus.

But Mr Ribeiro has refused to hand over his treasure to a museum, claiming “the figures they offer are far off the mark.” He has already turned down an offer of 100,000 euros (£84,000).

Mr Mateus, who works at a museum specialising in the Jurassic period in central-west Portugal, published a note on the website denouncing what he called the “sale of our heritage as if it were a car or a pair of shoes”.

Mr Mateus is calling for his government to introduce a law, like those of Argentina, China and Mongolia, making it illegal to sell on “public heritage”.

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