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2008-12-10 – Australia: Una spedizione alla ricerca di fossili genera nuovi appassionati (prehistoric passion)

Fossil expedition ignites students’ prehistoric passion

10/12/2008 9:38:00 AM
An excursion to the Age of Fishes Museum and the Merriganowrie quarry has helped bond the relationship between Canowindra High and the museum.

Bruce Loomes, a lifetime local and volunteer at the museum and Monica Yeung, a paleontologist from Canberra talked to the Year 9 students who showed great interest in the topic.

After the visit, several students signed up to be volunteers at the museum.

The following week at the Merriganowrie quarry, they were introduced to life in the Devonian period.

The site was once a lake and has the credentials to become world heritage listed.

Almost 400 million years ago most life lived in the water and life on land was limited to the water’s edge.

After learning about the Devonian Period the students excitedly chiselled at shale rock. Within the first hour many fossils were discovered.

These fossils were estimated to be 370 million years old. Bill Eppelstun, a keen parent, found a fossil of a tree that was in excellent condition.

Trent Tulloch also found a well preserved fossil of a fish by running it over with his wheelchair.

The Australian Museum took interest in these fossils and is keeping them in the museum for people to study and gain more insight into this intriguing piece of history.

Although the day was very hot, all the students thought it was extremely interesting and everyone enjoyed themselves while learning a lot.

The students were very thrilled to know that Canowindra has such an important piece of world history in walking distance from school.

Year 9 of Canowindra High would like to thank Bruce Loomes and Monica Yeung for the opportunity to let us become more involved with such an important part of our town.



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