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2008-12-15 – Japanese schoolgirl finds fossil

Una ragazza giapponese quattordicenne, Natsumi Kumagai, scopre una nuova specie di crostaceo che viene chiamata col suo nome: Hoploparia natsumiae


Japanese schoolgirl finds 130 million-year-old fossil

YUASA, Wakayama — An elementary school girl found fossils of a previously unknown species of shrimp here in a layer of the earth’s crust some 130 million years old, the Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History has announced.

Natsumi Kumagai, a fourth-year elementary school student in Hannan, Osaka Prefecture, made the find when she took part in a fossil hunt hosted by the museum in Yuasa in December last year. Kumagai initially took the fossils home, but after museum curators reexamined them, the find turned out to be a previously unknown species of shrimp.

The new shrimp, which belongs to the genus of the extinct Hoploparia of the Nephropidae family, has been named after Kumagai — “Hoploparia natsumiae.” The “ae” added after “Natsumi” indicates feminine gender in Latin.

“I’m surprised to know that the fossils I found were that of a new species,” says Kumagai. “I’m happy that my name will live on forever.”

The museum says that fossils of 16 species in the same genus from 130 million years ago have been discovered around the world. The “Hoploparia natsumiae” fossils are the second species found in Japan, following another discovered in Gunma Prefecture.

Besides the “Hoploparia natsumiae,” fossils of six different and previously undiscovered species were found in the same stratum. The fossils will be displayed at the museum from Saturday.




新種エビ化石:菜津美ちゃんが発見 学名「ナツミアエ」







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