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1008-12-22 – National Geographic: Top paleo-news


Most Read of 2008

December 19, 2008

Bizarre prehistoric creatures—sea monsters, gargantuan rodents, a redheaded Neanderthal—are among the stars of the most read stories on dinosaurs and fossils covered by National Geographic News in 2008.


  10. “Amazing” Dinosaur Trove Discovered in Utah
Two meat-eating dinosaurs, a probable Stegosaurus, and four sauropods quickly emerged at a dig that found a “logjam” of fossils, scientists announced in June.
  9. Odd Fish Find Contradicts Intelligent-Design Argument
Flatfishes’ lopsided eye arrangement evolved gradually, a July fossil study suggested—perhaps solving “a major, major puzzle to evolutionary biologists.”


  8. PHOTO IN THE NEWS: DNA-Based Neanderthal Face Unveiled
Redheaded like her Flintstones namesake, Wilma—the first recreation of a Neanderthal based on DNA evidence—made her debut in September.


  7. “Bizarre” New Dinosaur: Giant Raptor Found in Argentina
An “unexpected,” 20-foot-long new dinosaur was discovered in South America, rewriting the evolutionary history of raptors, a December study said.


  6. PHOTO IN THE NEWS: New “Sea Monster” Species Identified
The new genus of dinosaur-era, carnivorous reptile, found deep in a Canadian mine, is also one of the most complete fossils of its kind ever unearthed.


  5. Giant “Sea Monster” Fossil Discovered in Arctic
Described as “the T. rex of the ocean,” the dinosaur-era predator is one of the largest marine reptiles ever found, scientists announced in February. ALSO SEE: pictures of the sea monster.


  4. PHOTOS: Bizarre New Dinosaurs Found in Sahara
Two new species of two-legged carnivores were unveiled in February: one that hunted like a shark and another that may have eaten like a hyena, researchers said. ALSO SEE: full story of the Sahara dinosaurs.


  3. Bull-Size Rodent Discovered—Biggest Yet
The prehistoric “rat” had huge teeth, a January study said. The animal likely competed with saber-toothed cats and giant, flightless, meat-eating birds. ALSO SEE: pictures of the giant rodent.


  2. Giant “Frog From Hell” Fossil Found in Madagascar
Scientists working in Madagascar found in February what may be the largest frog that ever lived—and it had an attitude to match.


  1. Ancient Praying Mantis Found in Amber
An 87-million-year-old insect from Japan could be a “missing link” between mantises from dinosaur times and the modern-day bugs, researchers said in April.


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