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2009-01-09 – Dinosauri all’asta – Dinosaur fossils up for auction

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 A Vancouver dinosauri in vendita

All’asta collezione di ossa, anche un edmontosauro di 7,6 metri
Per la gioia dei paleontologi canadesi e’ stata messa all’asta a Vancouver una collezione unica di ossa di dinosauri e fossili. Fra i reperti proposti c’era anche un edmontosauro della lunghezza di 7,6 metri dal naso alla coda.
Gli inusuali articoli, esposti da ottobre allo Science World di Vancouver come parte di una mostra paleontologica, sono stati venduti quasi tutti, e – hanno detto gli esperti – a prezzi d’occasione. L’edmontosauro e’ stato acquistato a 150mila dollari.<!– –>



Dinosaur fossils up for auction

Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier

Published: Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If your dream has been to purchase your own full-sized dinosaur skeleton, now’s your chance.

Tomorrow night, Maynards auctioneers will auction off a collection of 45 prehistoric fossils at Science World (also known as Telus World of Science). The collection includes an 8.3-metre long complete skeleton of an Edmontosaurus, which is also nicknamed the “Edmonton Lizard” because the majority of examples discovered to date were found in Alberta. The Edmontosaurus roamed the earth 73 to 65 million years ago and was one of the largest duck-billed dinosaurs at up to 13-metres long and weighing four tonnes.

“This example was originally found in South Dakota in 1979,” said

John Scott, project coordinator with Maynards Vancouver. “It’s part of a collection we purchased from the [private] Seibu Museum in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.”

Maynards Tokyo heard the museum was closing, purchased the collection and arranged for its transport to Vancouver. In preparation for the auction, Maynards partnered with Science World where the collection has been on display since October in an exhibit called Fossils, Fins and Fangs: Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Life, which closes today, Jan. 7.

Scott said he has no idea how much the pieces will bring, but added much interest has been received from private and public collectors. “This is the first dinosaur collection we’ve ever handled so I have no idea what it’s worth,” he said. “But we’ve heard from collectors from Texas and the UK, as well as locally.”

According to a Maynards catalogue for the event, the Edmontosaurus is worth between $400,000 and $500,000, while starting bids for several smaller fossils are listed at between $500 and $750.

Kevin Kearns, vice-president of special projects for Science World, said the facility could never afford to purchase a collection this rare, so it jumped at the chance to host an exhibit. “Maynards didn’t exactly know how to handle the collection so they gave us a call,” said Kearns. “Together we came up with the idea of displaying them here before the auction.”

Kearns said Science World staff only had six weeks to curate the exhibit, a record for the facility. He added the public rarely sees collections such as this because the fragile pieces don’t travel well. “And when they do go on display it’s typically small pieces, not big deal pieces like this,” he said.

Kearns said besides the full-scale skeletons, his favourite pieces include the dinosaur eggs and triceratops skull. According to the catalogue the skull is valued at between $150,000 and $200,000.

The public is invited to preview the dinosaur and fossil collection at Science World, 1455 Quebec Street, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow, Jan. 8. The auction begins at 7 p.m.

source: Vancouver Courier


Dinosaur fossils up for auction in Vancouver
Vancouver Sun – 8 gen 2009
By Sandra Thomas, Vancouver CourierJanuary 8, 2009 10:30 AM VANCOUVER – If your dream has been to purchase your own full-sized dinosaur skeleton, now’s your chance. Tonight, Maynards auctioneers will auction off a collection of 45 prehistoric fossils …
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