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2009-04-08 – Goseong, CHINA: 2nd Dinosaur Expo

Goseong Holds 2nd Dinosaur Expo

The city of Goseong is holding its second World Dinosaur Expo until June 7. Along the southern coast is an area where dinosaur fossil sites formed in the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era and where scientists from around the world come to study them.Bin Yong-ho, chief administrator of the expo, said, “Goseong is one of the world’s top three locations for fossilized dinosaur footprints, as well as having the highest concentration of tracks in the world. So we wanted to use this natural property to boost tourism. And to acknowledge the importance of the dinosaur fossil footprints, we are holding the World Dinosaur Expo.”

Visitors look at dinosaurs at the Goseong Dinosaur Expo on Mar. 27.

Visitors look at dinosaurs at the Goseong Dinosaur Expo on Mar. 27.

The expo is held every three years, with the first in 2006 attracting over 1.5 million visitors. Supported by the Korean government, it offers several activities to learn about the prehistoric creatures.

While the fossils are certainly the biggest draw, visitors can also be entertained by a variety of attractions, including a dinosaur parade, as well as educational opportunities.

And the city has been waiting since 2005 for its dinosaur footprint fossils to be listed as a World National Heritage by UNESCO. The fossil footprints could be listed in July.

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