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2009-05-09 – World’s largest ornithomimosaurus in China

World’s largest ornithomimosauris to be exhibited in China 2009-05-08 20:44:55
LANZHOU, May 8 (Xinhua) — The world’s largest ornithomimosauris, a dinosaur named Beishanlong Grandis discovered in northwest China’s Gansu Province, will get its first public show in July, experts told Xinhua Friday.    The Beishanlong Grandis found about three years ago was recognized in April as the largest of the world’s ornithomimosauris in terms of size by Chinese and American palaeontologists and it will be seen by the public for the first time in July at a dinosaur exhibition in Lanzhou Stadium in Gansu, said Li Daqing, director of the Palaeontological Center, with Gansu Geology Bureau.

    The Beishanlong Grandis was both longer and heavier than the previous largest ornithomimosauris named Gallinimus found in Mongolia, Li said.

    The dinosaur is at least 100 million years old and was discovered in June 2006 at Beishan in Yujingzi Basin in Gansu, Li said.

    American palaeontologists Peter J. Makovicky from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and experts from New York’s Natural History Museum joined the research.

    The Beishanlong Grandis was eight meters long and 626 kilograms while the Gallinimus was four meters long and 440 kilograms, Li said.

    The experts had jointly published an article on the research in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, published in London, in April, Li said.

    They found the dinosaur was only a 14-year-old when it died and experts believe an adult Beishanlong Grandis could be even larger, Li said.

    The Beishanlong Grandis was a herbivorous dinosaur with 15-centimeter-long, strong forepaws which lived during the Cretaceous period in the warm and humid basin. It could dig and rake, searching for food, Li said.

    The discovery of the Beishanlong Grandis has attracted the attention of the world’s experts and further research will be done on its living habits and evolution, Li said.

Editor: Wang Guanqun

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