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2009-05-22 – Peru: Dinosaur show

Dinosaur fossils may be exhibited in northern Peru

  • Paleontological species to be exhibited in Trujillo.
  • Trujillo, May 20 (ANDINA).- The remains of four dinosaurs recently found in the northern Peruvian region of La Libertad may be exhibited in the First Paleontological Museum to be built in Trujillo, said the project’s promoter Klaus Honninger Mitrani, who noted that they are already coordinating with Peru’s National Institute of Culture (INC).The fossils include a glyptodont (similar to the armadillo), a megaterio (similar to the sloth bear) and a third unidentified species (with horse shape), located in San Pedro de Lloc, province of Pacasmayo.

    He said they have also found a mastodonthat in Cascas, Gran Chimu province; that is why local authorities have started the paperwork with INC in order to preserve it.

    “I believe in the next 12 months the first paleontological museum of Peru, which will be built in Trujillo, will exhibit these 4 large dinosaurs,” he told Andina.

    “The coastal area of La Libertad is very interesting because we can find a varied fauna which dates back to the ice age. That is why we found several fossilized species, but they can not be rescued without INC authorization,” he said.

    He pointed out that they signed an agreement with Universidad de Piura, which includes the donation of a paleontology laboratory to study all remains found in La Libertad and Piura.


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