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2009-04-15 – Murphy giudicato colpevole (Murphy guilty)

Il paleontologo ameriano Nate Murphy é stato giudicato colpevole di aver trafugato resti di dinosauro da aree protette.

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2009-03-10 – Nate Murphy: noto paleontologo indagato per furto (paleontologist pleaded guilty to stealing)


Montana paleontologist pleads guilty to stealing dinosaur bones from BLM land
Posted on April 14
By MATTHEW BROWN of the Associated Press

BILLINGS – A Montana paleontologist whose discoveries brought widespread acclaim has pleaded guilty to a federal charge that he stole dinosaur fossils from federal land.

Nate Murphy’s work includes unearthing a mummified duckbill dubbed Leonardo, considered the best-preserved fossil in the world.

On Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Murphy pleaded guilty to taking more than a dozen fossilized dinosaur bones from U.S. Bureau of Land Management land near Malta without having a permit. He had pleaded guilty last month in state court to stealing a raptor fossil from private land and trying to cash in on molds from the bones.

Law enforcement officials and other paleontologists said the cases underscore the growing problem of fossil theft, which is driven by the increasingly high prices rare specimens bring on the open market.

More than 200 law enforcement incidents involving fossils were tallied by the BLM over the last decade, federal officials say.

Murphy’s plea agreement in the federal case asks that his sentence not include jail time. Sentencing is set for July 9.

Following Tuesday’s hearing, U.S. Attorney Bill Mercer said he hoped the high-profile prosecution would deter others from committing similar crimes.

“This particular prosecution hopefully will send a strong message that if people do engage in that type of activity, there will be serious consequences in terms of legal action,” Mercer said.

Murphy, 51, is a self-taught paleontologist who runs a private paleo-outfitting business based in Billings. Prior to Tuesday’s hearing, he repeated that he was eager to get his side of the story out but had been advised by his attorney not to do so at this time.

Mercer said the case was made possible through the efforts of the BLM’s lead investigator, Special Agent Tom Madsen, 42, who died as the investigation was coming to a close. Madsen suffered a sudden illness.

“There really wouldn’t have been a case if he had not done the great work he did,” Mercer said. He added that Madsen “put his heart and soul into this.”

U.S. Magistrate Keith Strong initially refused to accept Murphy’s plea, after Murphy said he made a “mistake” in not accurately mapping where fossils were recovered, said assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Fehr, who prosecuted the case.

After speaking with his attorney, Mike Moses, Murphy clarified that pinpointing the exact location of fossil finds is standard scientific procedure and that he did not do so in two instances.

“This was not a mistake,” Fehr said. “If this was merely a mistake, it would not be sufficient for a criminal charge.”

In pleading guilty to theft of government property, Murphy admitted to acting with “willful ignorance or blindness” n meaning he knew his actions risked violating the law but he chose to ignore that fact.

The government’s offer of proof noted Murphy had a similar run-in with authorities in 1994. He was found to have removed a dinosaur nicknamed “Elvis” from BLM land without a permit, but no charges were filed.



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Montana paleontologist pleads guilty to stealing dinosaur bones

The Missoulian – ‎6 ore fa‎
On Tuesday in US District Court in Great Falls, Murphy pleaded guilty to taking more than a dozen fossilized dinosaur bones from US Bureau of Land

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2009-04-07 – Parigi, super asta di fossili (Paris, fossils on auction)

see all the incredible fossils on auction on Christies`s web site (link)


additional info e photo:

Aste, squalo gigante e resti dinosauri in vendita a Parigi

Reuters Italia – ‎6-apr-2009‎
PARIGI (Reuters) – Una collezione di resti preistorici, incluse una bocca aperta di un gigantesco squalo estinto e una nidiata di piccoli dinosauri con la

Jaws of giant, prehistoric shark in Paris auction

The Associated Press – ‎20 ore fa‎
PARIS (AP) — The giant jaws of a prehistoric shark and the skeleton of a saber-tooth tiger are set to hit Paris’ auction blocks. The items are among about

They are auctioning an array of prehistoric remains, including a

Daily Mail – ‎8 ore fa‎
The skeleton of a cave bear, Ursus spelaeus, is shown hunting for salmon. Such bears lived between 200000 to 20000 years ago The family group of a

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2009-04-02 – New York, USA: Scheletro di dinosauro non venduto all`asta (dino skeleton unsold)

 Complete dino skeleton doesn’t sell at NY auction

In this photo released by the I.M. Chait Gallery, a complete 150-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, top right, joins other fossils prior to an auction of prehistoric relics in New York, Saturday, March 21, 2009. The I.M. Chait Gallery of Beverly Hills, Calif., will offer it and other items such as a 7-foot-tall complete skeleton of a 20,000-year-old juvenile wooly mammoth, and the fossilized skeleton of 20-foot-long marine lizard at a New York auction later that day. (AP Photo/I.M. Chait Gallery, Josh Chait)

In this photo released by the I.M. Chait Gallery, a complete 150-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, top right, joins other fossils prior to an auction of prehistoric relics in New York, Saturday, March 21, 2009. The I.M. Chait Gallery of Beverly Hills, Calif., will offer it and other items such as a 7-foot-tall complete skeleton of a 20,000-year-old juvenile wooly mammoth, and the fossilized skeleton of 20-foot-long marine lizard at a New York auction later that day. (AP Photo/I.M. Chait Gallery, Josh Chait)

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York gallery says a 150-million-year-old complete skeleton of a dinosaur has failed to sell at auction.

Josh Chait (CHATE’) of I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers says two museums interested in the fossil failed to meet the minimum price of nearly $300,000 during the auction Saturday. He declined to identify the two parties.

Chait says the gallery is still trying broker a deal to sell the 9-foot-long dryosaurus fossil to a museum. Dryosauruses were two-footed, plant-eating creatures.

The auction also included the 7-foot-tall complete skeleton of a 20,000-year-old, juvenile wooly mammoth, and the fossilized skeleton of 20-foot-long marine lizard. Unidentified private collectors bought the mammoth fossil for $55,000 and the lizard fossil for $67,000.


On The Net:

I.M. Chait Gallery,

Western Paleontological,

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

NEW YORK (AP) — A bit of Jurassic Park is going on sale with a 150-million-year-old complete skeleton of a dinosaur going on the auction block in New York.

The I.M. Chait Gallery says the fossil of the 9-foot-long dryosaurus dating from the Jurassic era is one of only two of its kind in the world. The gallery said it could bring up to $500,000 at Saturday’s auction.

Gallery operator Josh Chait says the fossil was taken from private land in Wyoming in 1993 and is being sold by Utah-based Western Paleontological Laboratories.

The auction also included the 7-foot-tall complete skeleton of a 20,000-year-old, juvenile wooly mammoth, and the fossilized skeleton of 20-foot-long marine lizard.


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9-foot dinosaur skeleton is no-sale at auction

CNN – ‎22-mar-2009‎
Fossils including dinosaur skeletons are on display at the IM Chait Gallery on Saturday. Auctioneers at the IM Chait Gallery had hoped the

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2009-04-01 – Napoli, Collezionare la Natura e Alberto Angela


Terza edizione della mostra-mercato-scambio di oggetti naturali dal titolo

“Collezionare la Natura”.

Da venerdì 3 a domenica 5 aprile, nel chiostro del Complesso universitario di San Marcellino e Festo, in Largo San Marcellino 10, sarà possibile visitare la mostra promossa e organizzata dal Centro Musei delle Scienze Naturali dell’Ateneo.

“Collezionare la Natura” è evento unico nel suo genere per il sud Italia con la possibilità di comprare, vendere, scambiarsi fossili, minerali, gemme, conchiglie, animali e piante.

L’obiettivo è quello di offrire al visitatore l’emozione di “vivere” la natura con i suoi minerali dagli splendidi colori, i fossili di milioni di anni fa, le magiche ambre, le meravigliose conchiglie di tutti i mari e l’affascinante mondo delle piante, e di dare la possibilità di entrare in possesso di oggetti naturali carichi di significato.

Puntando sulla curiosità legata a manifestazioni di questo tipo, il Centro intende coinvolgere cittadini di tutte le età: dai bambini ai nonni, dagli studenti alle famiglie, dai cultori della materia ai semplici appassionati tutti sono invitati alla tre giorni in Ateneo.
La manifestazione è rivolta, quindi, non solo al pubblico che coltiva la passione del collezionismo, ma anche a tutti coloro che, per motivi didattici, per semplice interesse o anche solo per curiosità, hanno voglia di incrementare le proprie conoscenze sulla natura.

Oltre alle esposizioni della Mostra Mercato si potrà visitare il Museo di Paleontologia che ospiterà la mostra entomologica “Microcosmos”, la mostra fotografica “Animalia” ed esposizioni di reperti del patrimonio del Centro realizzate per l’occasione.

Ai visitatori verranno offerti biglietti omaggio per poter visitare gli altri Musei del Centro nelle tre giornate della manifestazione dalle 9 alle 13.

Ospite d’onore della manifestazione è Alberto Angela che, sabato 4 aprile, alle 12, terrà una conferenza su “L’evoluzione dell’uomo”, durante la quale proietterà anche un filmato.

La mostra è aperta venerdì dalle 9.30 alle 20, sabato dalle 9.30 alle 21 e domenica dalle 9.30 alle 19.

Per informazioni:

Scarica l’allegato


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2009-03-14 – Vail, CAN: Gigant Palm tree fossil for sale

Colossal fossil comes to Vail

Palm tree frond from Eocene age takes up residence outside Lionshead Jewelers in Vail this weekend

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado

Discovered in Wyoming, this palm tree frond fossil measures 14 by 8 feet, and includes 11 fish fossils. It will be on display this weekend outside Lionshead Jewelers in Vail.

Discovered in Wyoming, this palm tree frond fossil measures 14 by 8 feet, and includes 11 fish fossils. It will be on display this weekend outside Lionshead Jewelers in Vail.

 VAIL, Colorado — It weighs more than the world’s heaviest Sumo wrestler and is 800,000 times older than Dick Cheney.
Today through Sunday a 14-foot tall fossil will be on display outside Lionshead Jewelers in Vail.
Weighing in at 1,200 pounds and dating back 55 million years, the palm frond fossil is on sale for $200,000.
The Wyoming couple who found the fossil will be on hand to answer questions about their sizable discovery.
Bob and Bonnie Finney from just outside Kemmerer, Wyo., said they found the palm tree leaf in an area of Wyoming known as the Green River Formation. Once a 1,200-square-mile lake surrounded by tropical forest, this swath of land dried up as the Rocky Mountains formed, Bob Finney said. Today the land is a cattle ranch speckled with sagebrush — and a hotbed of fossils.
Bonnie Finney discovered the giant palm leaf in 2003 during a routine dig in her fossil quarry.
“I just said ‘Oh my God. I think it’s probably one of the biggest palm fronds ever found in the split fish,’” she said.
The split fish is a layer of rock in the Green River Formation where diggers split rocks open to find fossils.
Kirk Johnson, chief curator for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, said the Green River Formation is unique because it is a source of intact palm frond fossils, as opposed to just frond fragments, which are common throughout the American West.
“What’s unusual about that particular site is they get whole ones there,” he said.
Most palm frond fossils are about six to seven feet long — roughly half the size of the frond at Lionshead Jewelers, he said. Still, Johnson doesn’t think the massive frond is breaking any size records.
“It’s not rare but it is spectacular,” Johnson said.
Perhaps more significant than the palm frond’s size is the message it sends about global warming, he said.
“These palms are really clear evidence that Wyoming was much warmer in the past than it is today. It’s sort of like a telegram from a warmer world, showing you what’s possible under different climate conditions on planet Earth,” he said.

Lionshead Jewelers has been selling fossils in a back room of the store for about seven years.
This weekend marks the first time the store will play host to the fossil hunters themselves.
“When you talk to the fossil diggers, it becomes more personal,” gallery owner Amad Akkad said. “You can see the excitement in their face because this is real.”


 What: Giant fossil
When: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, Saturday and Sunday
Where: Lionshead Jewlers, 555 E. Lionshead Circle, Vail
Cost: Palm frond fossil is $200,000; Hundreds of smaller fossils from the Finneys will range from $50 to $200,000.
More information: 970-476-0499



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2009-02-02 – Pavia, ITA: Mostra-mercato “Minerali e Fossili”.

Il mercatino dell’antiquariato con Minerali e Fossili

Sabato 7 e domenica 8 febbraio 2009, presso il Mercato Pavia, si terrà “Il mercatino dell’antiquariato” con la presenza di 200 espositori. La tematica di questa edizione sarà “Minerali e Fossili”.

In concomitanza con il “Mercatino”, Monferrato Eventi, in collaborazione con i Collezionisti Casalesi di Mineralogia e Paleontologia, proporrà una mostra dedicata alla tematica in oggetto ed estenderà l’evento anche alle giornate del 5, 6 e 9 Febbraio per dare la possibilità alle scolaresche di visitarla. L’orario di apertura sarà dalle 9.00 alle 12.30 e dalle 15.00 alle 18.00. Durante tutto il periodo sarà presente un collezionista che illustrerà i campioni presenti.

Tra il materiale esposto ci saranno campioni provenienti dal nostro Monferrato e minerali che, posti alla lampada di Wood, cambieranno colore diventando fluorescenti e fosforescenti.

Completeranno la mostra fossili di tutto il mondo, riviste del settore e lampade che venivano usate nelle cave del Monferrato per l’estrazione della calce.

Questa mostra giunge alla seconda edizione, la prima era stata organizzata 33 anni fa, in collaborazione con l’assessore alla pubblica istruzione Gianni Abbate e l’Ente Manifestazioni, nell’ambito della quale venne tenuta una conferenza del noto collezionista Pio Mariani di Desio.

Monferratoeventi coglie l’occasione per ringraziare i collezionisti casalesi che hanno aderito a questa iniziativa: Bedon Roberto, Fioretti Mario, Giachero Luigi e Torielli Pier Angelo.


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2009-01-24 – Messico: sequestro di fossili (Mexico, Fossils seized)

Mexico Seizes Largest Batch of Fossils

MONTERREY, MEXICO — Mexican authorities revealed that they recovered 389 fossiles, among which are the remains of dinosaurs and trilobites hundreds of millions of years old, that were illegally being offered for sale at an antiquities store in the northern state of Nuevo Leon.

The director of the Monterrey office of the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, Hector Jaime Treviño, as well as Joaquin Garcia-Barcenas, the president of the INAH Paleontologists Council, said that this is the most important confiscation to date in Mexico that includes unique fossils.

They emphasized that no museum in Mexico has more than 200 pieces of this kind and this collection contains almost double that number, a group that should be sufficient to mount two simultaneous exhibits.

Both officials said that the pieces were recovered in a operation in 2006 by the Attorney General’s Office from a shop in the Monterrey suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia.

They said that the work of registering, cataloguing and authentificating the pieces had taken three years and was only being publicly announced Thursday.

The case began in 2005, when an individual asked INAH for information about the authenticity of a fossil more than 350 million years old he had bought at the store near Monterrey.

INAH experts confirmed that the fossils were authentic and complained to the AG’s office about the illegal selling of the ancient items.

Among the pieces confiscated are remains of mammoths, camels, early horses, sharks, mastodons, various dinosaurs, ammonites (giant marine mollusks that lived about 100 million years ago) and trilobites, which were large underwater pillbug-like creatures that were one of the planet’s dominant life forms 350 million years ago.

Also among the pieces are fossils of fish, pieces of amber and other rare items.

Paleontologist Garcia-Barcena said that the fossils provided much-needed information about climatic and evolutionary changes in the region, adding that “for example, it was determined that there was an ocean where today there are plains.”

INAH announced that it will send an exhibition of the trove of fossils around the country so that the public can view the items. EFE


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2009-01-17 – Dinosaurs on bid again: Triceratops horridus

Triceratops horridus
Hell Creek Formation, Wibeaux County, Montana USA

  • Estimate $240,000 – $280,000
  • Starting Bid $210000
  • Similar items
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    Triceratops horridus skull on bid

    Triceratops horridus skull on bid

    This extremely rare find was discovered on a private ranch in Montana and has been tucked away in the rancher’s house for the past decade. It was kept in field jackets (the original matrix and wrapped in plaster) so the quality and completeness was unknown until the preparation began in July of 2008. One could imagine the pleasant surprise of the new owners when they discovered how complete this skull actually is, over 93% complete! The preservation and bone quality is superb and surprisingly very little distortion has occurred while buried for the past 68 million years. Rarely are dinosaur skulls of this large size found articulated and in one piece, so because of this, extra care and attention was given during the preparation as to not lose any of the scientific data.

    This huge skull measures an impressive 7 ½ feet in length from the beak to the frill making this important specimen one of the largest of its kind and certainly among the most complete. Though the left brow horn was missing it is believe that it was sheared off in battle as the bone indicates it was broken off while the animal was still alive evidenced by signs of healing. Most of the restoration on this skull was on the missing horn along with small areas of the frill, eye orbits and nasal. The lower jaws were found intact and are virtually complete along with most of their original teeth, though most of the teeth in the upper jaws were missing. The frill stretches out over 5 feet wide and is naturally fused to the skull which is common on adult Triceratops. On younger animals the frill would have been separate (in three sections) and held in place by cartilage.

    Another scientifically significant feature of this important skull is the presence of a complete and well preserved brain case which gives us a glimpse of how small their brains were in comparison to their huge and massive bodies.

    Triceratops (meaning three-horned face) was a rhinoceros-like dinosaur that had a short, pointed tail, a bulky body, and walked on short, sturdy, column-like legs with hoof-like claws. They grew in lengths up to 30 feet, up to 10 feet tall, and weighed up to 12 tons, making it the largest dinosaur in the ceratopsians family. They are also among the most recognizable of all dinosaurs and are often portrayed in fearsome battle scenes with the feared Tyrannosaurus rex!

    The skull, together with the lower jaws, has been professionally mounted on an adjustable custom steel armature with three height levels. Wheel casters are included in this display for easy movement. Comes complete with a photo history and documentation from the landowner.

    full article:

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    2008-12-10 – Annullo filatelico per il Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico Paleontologico

    Annullo filatelico del 14.12.2008 in occasione del Trentennale del Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico Paleontologico (G.U.M.P.)

    Domenica 14 Dicembre 2008, il Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico Paleontologico (G.U.M.P.), per concludere i festeggiamenti del Trentennale della fondazione, con la collaborazione del Circolo Numismatico Filatelico Assisano, farà realizzare un annullo filatelico che riporta l’emblema del gruppo. Per l’occasione le POSTE ITALIANE distaccheranno un ufficio al Laboratorio Ecologico di Geo-Paleontologia, presso la sede del Parco Regionale del Monte Subasio, dalle ore 14.00 alle 20.00. Durante l’evento sarà possibile effettuare visite guidate alla Mostra Permanente di Geo-Paleontologia ospitata nei locali del Laboratorio.


    per altre info vedi: Annullo filatelico – Trentennale del Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico Paleontologico




    P.S. se qualcuno potesse inviarmi qualche cartolina ricordo con l’annullo (chiaramente cartoline e spedizione a mie spese) mi farebbe molto contento !!!!!

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