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2008-11-14 – Diplodoco all’asta !!!! (Diplodocus on bid)

Diplodoco in vendita su ebay. Si tratta di uno scheletro completo lungo circa 20 metri con un 50% di ossa reali (provenienti dagli USA) e per il resto ricostruito in poliuretano.

Visto il prezzo (per altro pienamente giustificato) difficilmente sarà venduto ……. .






Item number: 200264020882

US $170,000.00 



a Diplodocus skeleton  with 50 % real bones

– : LISTEN : its from a museum in switzerland : it was showed in francfurt germany in the Dino world

it’s a original diplodocus dinosaurier : when finished its ca 20 meters long !!

IN THE AUCTION are the real BONES = 50 % – THE rest you can get also to complete it ( just the missing bones copies or from another REAL Dinosaurier  with more paying.


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2008-10-26 – Ebay: fossils of the week (Oct 16-25) B-Vertebrate



a)   Psittacosaurus

triassica PSITTACOSAURUS skeleton REAL dinosaur fossil

Item number: 230299785745

US $4,499.00 

Oct-19-08 09:24:31 PDT


Skeletons – Psittacosaur

Probably the most desired of all fossils is that of a complete dinosaur skeleton!

Here Triassica presents that coveted and ultimate display piece!

This spectacular Psittacosaur dinosaur, was prepared by ourselves in the United Kingdom.

Dating to the Cretaceous, this example was discovered in the Jiufotang Formation, from the famous Liaoning Province, N.E. China.

This superb Dinosaur measures 31″ (79cm) – the skull has exceptionally well preserved teeth.

This extraordinary specimen of P. Meileyingensis is 100% original fossilized dinosaur skeleton ie. no bones whatsoever have been taken from another specimen, to complete the dinosaur.

Of scientific interest – rarely preserved remnants of carbonized skin tissue can be seen, particularly on the skull and sacrum (pelvis).

Recent discoveries have determined that Psittacosaurs had exceptionally thick skin – very much like that of sharks.

The carbon remnants are  scattered in small clusters with larger patches up to 3/4″!

Vertebrae (with dorsal & lateral processes) comprise separate sections with individual bones fixed together. The vertebral column is retained as fossilized.

Supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity – we guarantee the genuiness of this dinosaur!

This really is a genuine dinosaur – not a replica, model, not a cast – not made of plastic, resin, plaster – it is a real fossilized DINOSAUR!

The variant coloration, with darker areas is due to the outer bone layer (periosteum) not having preserved & does NOT represent fabricated parts.

Indeed every bone exhibits a proliferation of multiple fractures caused by the pressure of overlying matrix – even the tiny spinous processes, claws etc have such fracturing & lamellar bone exposure – CONCLUSIVE that this fossil is genuine.

This all real fossil must NOT be confused with overseas prepared fabrications made of resin, crushed bone & glue or similar.

Now this real dinosaur can be yours – one of a select few worldwide to own a dinosaur!

And the price for such an incredible, real dinosaur – not as much as you may expect?

BUY IT NOW, USD $4499.00!


b)   Liaoxiornis

100% Original Liaoxiornis Delicates Bird Fossil,Pair

Item number: 400003417955

US $998.00

Oct-23-08 09:55:52 PDT


Diagnosis: An extremely small-sized enantiornithine bird.The skull is short and hight;the rostrum is pointed;the maxilla has numerous teeth;the proximal humerus is not internally curved;the sternum is samll and ginkgo leaf-shaped,with a low keel;the pubic peduncle is short;the femur is longer than the humerus;the pedal digit with claws is longer than the tarsometatarsus.

Item Description:  A quite rare specimen Liaoxiornis Deliatus from Liaoxi 150 million years ago is exposuring to you today,which belongs to Neornithes of Birds.Obviously,the skull is complete,the skin and muscle can be distinguished from the body,while the upper part of vertebra and the wings,legs can be seen clearly.Admittedly,this kind of fossils represent the most vivid and beautiful language that can tell us a lot about the biological evolution and geological changes,and become the most valued evidence for scientific research today.This speimen is authentic and the rock slab is original.So charming bird can be preserved is difficult.Good item displaying to you,wish you have a good luck to collect it!!!.Once a time in ancient times,this kind of bird is very small and lovely,kept beautiful wings and special ginkgo leaf-shaped,with a low keel sternum.This is a great item for your collection and have potential good value.Don’t miss it!


c)    Sinornithosaurus

Sinornithosaurus Fossil Dinosaur Dromeaosaurid

Item number: 160293040660

US $705.00 

Oct-25-08 11:59:13 PDT


Sinornithosaurus (derived from a combination of Latin and Greek, meaning ‘Chinese bird-lizard’) is a genus of  feathered Dromeaosaurid Dinosaur  from the Lower Creataceous of the Yixian Formation in China. It caused a sensation because it was the fifth of the non – avian dinosaur discovered by 1999. It was collected from the Sihetun locality of western Liaoning. It was in Layer 6, lower (Chaomidianzi) Yixian Formation, Jehol Group.

I am starting my auction at a considerably lower price than what I paid for it a few years back. I aquired it from a reputable dealer in Arizona and can testify to its authenticity.

 Item will be shipped in a wood box securely packed due to its fragile state. I will not be able to ship internationally.

The fossil Measures19 inches by 15 and weighs approximately 20 lbs. The actual length of the dino is appx 32 Inches. There has been some minor repair done to the rock which supports the fossil. But all the toes and parts are present.


d)   Crocodile


Item number: 190261075707

US $950.00 not sold

Oct-22-08 00:59:12 PDT



Geologic Age: Late Cretaceous period, 100 – 66 million years ago

Location: Oulad Abdoun Basin, Kheribga, Morocco

Formation: Phosphate beds

 Matrix Size: approx 27″x13”

Jaw Size: approx 25”x10”

Weight: approx 42 lbs


e)    Ichtyosaur

Ichtyosaurier Rest aus Altdorf

Item number: 190259918277

EUR 202.00 

Oct-23-08 10:39:28 PDT


Hallo hier kommt ein riesiger Ichtyosaurierrest aus dem Lias Epsilon von Altdorf unter den Hammer.Es handelt sich um 23 Wirbel die großen sind 9cm im Durchmesser und der kleinste ca 1cm. Manch wirbel sind noch in der Gesteinsbank eingebettet und müssten noch frei prep. werden. Weiterhin ist ein Paddel einige große Knochen reste und viele Rippenteile enthalten. Da lasst sich noch einiges zusammen Puzzeln viel Spaß beim bieten


f)    Captorhinus Aguti

Complete Permian Age Reptile On Matrix Oklahoma

Item number: 300266413267 US $1,225.00 Reserve not met 

Oct-19-08 22:46:31 PDT

Seller: tgfcollectables

This is a very  rare fossil permian reptile. Its known as a Captorhinus Aguti. This is a real fossil and is not a cast or model. It was found in a soft clay and all the bones have been cleaned and the reptile composited on this matrix. We mount it in a 3-D mount to give it a nice look. I have shipped them all over the world with no problems. The skeleton is 12 and 1/2 inches long with a 2 1/2 inch skull. There is about 20% restoration and only about 10% to the skull. All the teeth are real. The skull comes off for shipping. If you pay quickly with paypal I will see to it that it is mailed out quickly by express mail.

Age: Permian

Species: Captorhinus Aguti

Formation: Arroyo

Location: Lawton Oklohoma


g)   Reptile and fishes


Item number: 110301033381

US $296.69 Reserve not met 

Oct-24-08 18:16:36 PDT




h)   Coelacanth

VERY RARE! UK Permian Coelacanth

Item number: 300266018043

GBP 321.00 

Oct-20-08 07:56:05 PDT


VERY RARE! UK Permian Coelacanth:-

Coelacanthus granulatus

A real collectors item here. Self collected head and forefins from a coelacanth from the permian marl slates nr. Durham, North-East UK. Unfortunately i could not find the rest of the body when i collected this specimen. However this does not detract from the fact that this fossil is rare. Good detail of the skull and forefins are still visable, which i have used to identify this specimen as a coelacanthus granulatus.

Overseas customers please note that this is a heavy piece of rock and that the postage price reflects this.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Special Feature:- UK Coelacanth!

Size:- head = 19 cm in long, Matrix size = 40 cm wide by 22 cm high.

Found:- Marl Slates, Permian, nr. Bowburn, County Durham, UK

Age:- approx. 275 Million years old.


i)    Coccosteus

RARE! Scottish Devonian Fossil Fish:- Coccosteus

Item number: 300266017445

GBP 102.00 (approximately US $161.62)  

 Oct-20-08 07:53:08 PDT


RARE! Scottish Devonian Fossil Fish:-

Coccosteus cuspidatus

Excellant fish forsale. Stunning quality great detail.

Special Feature:- Complete Devonian fossil fish.

Size:- fish size = 26 cm in long, Matrix size = 26 cm wide by 18 cm high.

Found:- Sandwick Fish Bed, Old Red Sandstone, Devonian, Quoyloot, Orkney, Scotland, UK

Age:- approx. 400 Million years old.


j)    Gosiutichthys parvus

B.J.F. Fine Fossil Fish Gosiutichthys parvus, USA

Item number: 120315766080

GBP 48.00 (approximately US $76.06)  

Oct-19-08 02:23:12 PDT


Gosiutichthys parvus

Theses  fossil fish  are of the family Clupeidae genus Gosiutichthys from the Green River Formation.

Fossil Site: Green River Formation, Laney Shale Member near LaBarge, Wyoming, USA.


k)   Dinosaur print

Sandsteinplatte Dinosaurierabdruck original Fußabdruck

Item number: 350109661791

EUR 426.66 

Oct-20-08 10:40:49 PDT


Ich verkaufe einen originalen Dinosaurierabdruck in einer Sandsteinplatte, die Platte ist an den Seiten beschnitten worden, der Abdruck wurde in Niedersachsen gefunden und war ein Geschenk an mich, die Maße sind ca 44 x 37 x 5 cm, der Abdruck ist auf den Fotos schlecht wiederzugeben, ich hoffe man kann es aber trotzdem erkennen, es handelt sich hier um keinen Abguß oder eine Nachbildung, dieses Stück ist original. Das Auktionsgut kann abgeholt werden, oder ich verschicke es innerhalb Deutschlands für 10 Euro, der Rest der Welt auf Anfrage. Bei mir handelt es sich um einen Privatverkauf, deshalb ist der Umtausch ausgeschlossen! Ebay bezahle ich und Porto der Käufer, gemäß Ebay. Viel Spaß beim bieten und sollten Sie Fragen haben melden Sie sich ich antworte Ihnen gleich. Achja bevor ich es vergesse, beachten Sie bitte auch meine anderen Auktionen.


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2008-10-26 – Ebay: fossils of the week (Oct 16-25) A-invertebrate



a)   Crinoid group



Item number: 160291829103

US $350.00 not sold

Oct-19-08 19:47:56 PDT


This is a truly amazing 100% original multiple crinoid death plate from the Mississippian Era Gilmore City Formation of Gilmore City, Iowa.  At least 43 exceptionally preserved specimens, a couple more may have been overlooked! This classic location has been closed to collecting for many years.  There are 42 identified crinoid crowns representing at least 4 genera on the slab and one species unknown and are each labeled with a small number on a red-dot sticker next to each. The identification key list is provided to the winning bidder.  Many specimens exhibit their original stems attached and all have their feathery arms.  The identification is provided as follows:

10) Eretmocrinus tentor on front, and 1) on the back.

22) Dichocrinus multiplex,

7) Cercidocrinus fimbria,

3) Aorocrinus iola

1) unidentified crown. 

This plate is just teeming with crinoids (the eBay 12 photo limit only allowed a few to be shown individually). These crinoids are beautifully displayed, the plate itself measures 9 inches across and 8 inches high by about 2 inches thick.  These fossil echinoderms have great color and contrast and are naturally positioned on the rectangular plate of limestone, no composites!  This is one of the best crinoid multiples you will find from this classic locality, and with 44 or more crowns on it, it has a starting bid that’s only a fraction of it’s true value.


b)   Crinoid assemblage

B.J.F. Spectacular Crinoid Assemblage

Item number: 350108283082

GBP 220.00 (approximately US $348.59) not sold

Oct-20-08 12:03:21 PDT


CRINOID  Macrocrinus mundulus, synbathocrinus swallovi,  Barycrinus stellatus

Very nicely detailed specimen

Crinoids are often referred to as “sea lilies” because of their strong resemblance to plants, however they are actually animals that are closely related to starfish and sea urchins.

Name:   Spectacular Crinoid , group

Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Edwardsville Formation

Location:  Crawfordsville, Indiana , USA

Description: A fine example of an Inadunate Cladid crinoid (Family Staphylinocrinidae) known as Abrotocrinus unicus from the famous Crawfordsville crinoid beds showing an extensive section of attached stem. Preservation on this specimen is remarkably complete, down to the fine pinnules on the arms.

Description This is a wonderful Abrotocrinus  occidentalis fossil echinoderms from the famous Mississippian Crinoid Beds near Crawfordsville, Indiana. This crinoids is very 3-dimensional and exhibit excellent detail. The sea lilies are wonderfully showcased fossils – all natural, no compositing

This is a fine example of the variety of diverse crinoids to be found in the Crawfordsville deposits.

 A considerable portion of North America was underwater during the Carboniferous. This caused an abundance of marine creatures, such as Eretmocrinus.

Numerous species of the Eretmocrinus genus have been identified.


c)   Aegocrioceras

Wunderschöner Ammonit Aegocrioceras in Matrix (463)

Item number: 310090848655

EUR 156.00 

Oct-19-08 12:19:14 PDT


Aegocrioceras sp.

Fundort : Resse bei Hannover

Formation : untere Kreide

Durchmesser des Ammoniten : ca. 13 cm.


d)   Androgynoceras

Super Ammonitenplatte mit 10 Androgynoceraten (462)

Item number: 310090846534

EUR 62.00             (approximately US $78.47)

Oct-19-08 12:12:33 PDT


Androgynoceras sp.

Fundort : Bau der A 39 bei Wolfsburg (1981-82)

Formation : Jura (Lias gamma)

Durchmesser der Ammoniten : ca. 2, 5  bis  6  cm

Maße der Platte : ca. 23  x  27  cm.

Alles Original, nichts ergänzt oder in Platte eingesetzt.


e)   Dactylioceras

B.J.F. Fossil Dactylioceras Schaffhausen, Germany

Item number: 350108283030

GBP 380.00 (approximately US $602.11)  

Oct-20-08 12:03:16 PDT


Super Multiple Plate Of Ammonites From Germany .

Dactylioceras Schaffhausen, Germany 165 million years old.

Name:   Dactylioceras sp.

Age: Upper Lias ,  Jurassic , 165 Million years old

Location: Schaffhausen , Southern Germany

Size: 18 inches x 12 inches, Shipping weight 20 Kgs.

This is a very displayable Mulity plate of ammonites locally know as a “DEATH BED” . These are Dactylioceras sp. from the Jurassic of Germany 165 Million Years ago . This is a natural piece – there have been no ammonites added or composite. This type of ammonite has very fine ribbing and a rounded keel. The ammonites are quite inflated and exhibit fine detail. The ribbing pattern is easily seen and many of the cephalopods show the smaller, inner whorls. The natural yellowish coloration of the fossils is outstanding and contrasts beautifully with the dark brown matrix. This is a very appealing ammonite specimen from Germany.


f)    Kosmoceras

KOSMOCERAS JASON Ammonite Multi Block LARGE Rare

Item number: 160291927360

GBP 125.00 not sold

Oct-20-08 08:24:30 PDT






g)   Harpoceras

Great Pyritized Harpoceras Ammonite, Holzmaden, Germany

Item number: 260302355446

US $449.00 not sold

Oct-25-08 09:46:11 PDT


This is a huge, amazing, naturally pyritized Harpoceras ammonite on a shale plate. The Harpoceras specimen measures an impressive 10″ in diameter. The matrix (plate) measures 18″ x 16″. The last photo shows how it is conveniently ready to be wall-mounted.

The Holzmaden Shale from Western Germany is a unique fossil locale that produces some of the world’s most impressive, museum quality ammonite fossils. This spectacular animal lived during the Jurassic Period (approximately 175 million years ago). Remarkably, this specimen is complete with no restoration. It is truly beautiful — the camera doesn’t completely capture its vivid, light golden colour. The value of this extraordinary piece surely exceeds the starting price. Note that Harpoceras ammonites of similar (or lesser) quality or size have sold for a far greater price on the internet! This exquisite pyritization and preservation is unique to one location in the world: the Holzmaden Shale, which has yielded some of the world’s greatest ammonites. This specimen is a prime example of the beauty that only nature can offer.


h)   Lytoceras

Huge, Pyritized Lytoceras – Holzmaden, ON SALE NOW!!!

Item number: 260302354564

US $750.00 

Oct-25-08 09:44:19 PDT


This is a huge, amazing, naturally pyritized Lytoceras ammonite on a shale plate. The Lytoceras specimen measures nearly one foot long — an impressive11.75″ x 9″. The matrix (plate) measures 24″ x 33″.

The Holzmaden Shale from Western Germany is a unique fossil locale that produces some of the world’s most impressive, museum quality ammonite fossils. This spectacular animal lived during the Jurassic Period (approximately 175 million years ago). Remarkably, this specimen is complete with no restoration. It is truly beautiful. The value of this extraordinary piece surely exceeds the starting price. Note that Lytoceras ammonites of similar (or lesser) quality or size have sold for a far greater price on the internet! This is a special low price! This exquisite pyritization and preservation is unique to one location in the world: the Holzmaden Shale, which has yielded some of the world’s greatest ammonites. This specimen is a prime example of the beauty that only nature can offer.


i)    Acrioceras

two Beautiful Fossil Ammonites france – 3.66 and 3.11un

Item number: 110300508078

US $115.05 

Oct-23-08 09:35:28 PDT


Beautiful Fossil Ammonites


3.66 unch (93mm) AND 3.11 unch (79mm)


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2008-10-21 – Ebay: “Fossili curiosi” (funny fossils)

Uno sguardo ad alcuni fossili particolari venduti questa settimana su Ebay:





Item number: 350106675899

Winning bid: US $57.93 

Ended: Oct-17-08 19:19:00 PDT

Seller: The Fossil Farm

Solnhofen Worm Cast Fossil

A very rare worm cast (Lumbricatia) fossil from the famous Limestone (Solnhofen Shales) of Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany. Approx. 40,000,000 years old. This is a superbly preserved example, with fascinating detailing. A good sized piece measuring 7.6″ x 3.9″ x 0.6″. This piece is from an old collection and has undergone NO repair or restoration.



Item number: 290266565640

Winning bid: US $11.51 

Ended: Oct-19-08 19:25:00 PDT

Seller: The Fossil Farm

Fossil Snails

A very rare Agatised Jurassic snail fossil, Valvata scabrida from the Morisson Formation, Mesa County, Colorado. Approx. 165,000,000 years old. The piece measures 1.5″ x 1.1″ x 0.35″. A very unusual piece with beautiful red Agate replacment.



Item number: 350108086437

Starting bid: US $0.99 

Ended: Oct-20-08 06:59:28 PDT

Seller: The Fossil Farm

Fossil Peanut

A fossil Peanut (Monkey Nut) from Indonesia. Measures 1″ long. A very rare and fascinating piece!

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2008-10-19 – Ebay: I fossili più belli dell’ultima settimana (Last week best fossils)

Guarda la gallery, leggi le descrizioni e poi vota il tuo preferito !!
Look at the gallery, read the description and vote your favourite fossil !!


a)       TRILOBITE Death Assemblage

 This large, ordovican plate measuring 19 x 14 x 1 originates in Hunan Province, China and features an enormous, complete Asaphopsides measuring 6.75 x 5.33. Prepped in the USA (by me) there is absolutely no restoration, repair, enhancement, coloring or treatment of any kind. This beyond museum quality specimen contains 6 Norinia Convexa (largest 2.55 x 2.25), 4 Psilocephalina Lubrica (largest 3.9 x 2.75), 2 paraszechuanella (largest 2.5 x 1.15), 2 Asaphopsides (largest 6.75 x 5.33), and one unidentified species (2.3 x 1.2). Beautifully 3-dimensionally arrayed with trilobites stacked up to 3 deep, the delicate white calcification of the exoskeletons contrasts nicely with the dark grey limestone.

steelhead9 – US $172.50


b)       Placenticeras


thatswhat – US $875.00 (not sold)


c)        Jurassic Confucius Bird Fossil

 Origin: Liaoning province,China

Material: Fossil

Fossil Dating: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous

Weight: 5kg with package

 vipcreative718 – US $3,000.00 (not sold ?)


d)       Large Eocene Fossil Trout Miolposus labracoides Eofish

 We are offering a Large Eocene fossil fish, Mioplosus labracoides, a distant relative of the modern Trout from the 51 million year old Green River Formation limestone sediments of S.W. Wyoming. The Mioplosus was a predatory fish as evidenced by the mouth full of small needle like teeth. This specimen was quarried from the 18 inch (F1) layer near Kemmerer, Wyoming. The preparation was done without damaging any of the original fossil, NO RESTORATION. The fish measures 12 1/4 inches on rectangular limestone matrix measuring 14 1/2 x 22 inches.  A small 2 inch Diplomystus dentatus is also preserved on the stone.

 eofish  – US $381.27 – Item number: 270285986736


e)        E) Spectacular fossil fish Lepidotes elvensis 31.5 inches

 Family: Semionotidae
Genus: Lepidotes
Species: elvensis
Country:  Germany

 ” Lepidotes elvensis “ 

Jurassic Holzmaden, Germany

The Lepidotes are amongst the rarest fish fossils 

and the one offered here represents one of the most spectacular examples ever seen.

It is from one of the most popular collecting localities, the shale of the Posidonienschiefer formation in Holzmaden, Germany Lepidotes is one of the most desirable species of fish from Holzmaden, and one of the most beautiful of all fish species in the fossil record.
 The Matrix is: lenght 40,16 inch and high 17.72 inch and digness is 1.97 inch;
The fish lenght is 31.5 inches !!!
The matrix weight is nearly 143 pounds.
At approximately 31.5  inches in length this is one of the very biggest and best examples, superior even to those in German museums.
You can watch 73 pictures of this fish on the following link:
Please look for them detailed on this link on PhotoBucket:

  Item number: 160290285076 – auktioner08 – US $13,000.00 (NOT SOLD ?)



 Thrissops sp. Fossil Fish

Here is one rather special fossil fish, a rare Thrissops sp. from the border of Lower Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian of Weymouth, on the famous Jurassic Coast of the U.K. Approx. 150,000,000 years old. This is a superbly preserved complete example and one of the largest examples ever found from the area. The fish itself measures 20.5 long on original matrix measuring 21.25 x 13 x 1.25 which also displays Kosmocerid and Perisphcintes Ammonites. A superbly prepared and 100% genuine specimen with beautiful colouring. As always, you are welcome to view this piece at our shop in Hastings. This fish exhibits spectactularly fine fin and scale detailing which I am unable to pick up with the camera… A sizeable and spectacular display piece.

 Item number: 290266187177 – fossilfarm-uk – US $676.00


g)       TRIASSIC FOSSIL FISH Asialepidotes shingyiensis Fossils

 Asialepidotus Fossil Fish

RARE complete specimen from China

An Asialepidotes shingyiensis fossil fish from KeiZhou province, China. A large specimen measuring 8 in an original matrix measuring 11.4 x 6.6 x 0.7. An exceptionally rare Triassic fossil from a region famous for its Keichousaurus reptiles. A very high quality piece with superb detailing, epsecially of fins, rays and the famous lepidotes mosaic-like scales.

 Item number: 350107136686 – fossilfarm-uk – US $129.50 



 Palaeopera proxima Fish Fossil

Eocene Fossil from Messel, Germany

An exceptional fossil Palaeoperca proxima (Perch) from Messel, near Frankfurt, Germany. A large example measuring 8.75 long on a matrix of 12 x 7.3. Stunning preservation of fins, rays, vertebra, soft tissue and even the tiny spines along the gill plates. Fish fossils from this region represent some of the most beautiful fossil fish in the world and are extremely rare. Always saught after and great for display. From an old collection, prepared using traditional transfer methods. One of the finest examples of this species I have ever seen.

Item number: 350106718464 – fossilfarm-uk – US $1,003.00 


i)         Aquatic Reptile Mesosaurus Braziliensis Fossil

 Aquatic Reptile Mesosaurus Braziliensis

Late Permian Period ~ 280 Million Years Old

Brazil, South America

Fossil Display Measures: 20 wide x 14 high

Item number: 360091825758 – toyhawksUS $1,162.00 




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