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2008-10-27 – Moray, UK: Impronte di dinosauri in TV (dinosaur footprints, TV, BBC)

Impronte di Dinosauri ritrovate a Moray nel Regno Unito stasera protagoniste sulla BBC


fossils to be part of BBC film about geology

Moray dinosaur footprints to feature on TV

Published: 27/10/2008

The footprint trails at Clashach Quarry, near Hopeman, will be part of a film about geology in Moray.

Some of the fossils in the area are more than 250 million years old.

Drew Baillie, of Moray Stone Cutters, which owns the quarry, was interviewed for the programme.

He said: “It’s actually the 10th anniversary of when the display at Clashach was opened. It is quite popular as kids are obviously interested in the whole dinosaur thing.

“Hopefully this programme will help get Moray on the map.”

Sandstone from the Moray quarry has been used for Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona and as part of the British Memorial Garden to commemorate the 9/11 terrorist attack.

David Addison, curator of Elgin Museum, was also interviewed about the collection’s many fossils of reptile and dinosaur species from the Permian to Triassic periods – some unique to the Moray area.

These include Elginia Mirabilis, Dicynodon Traquairi and Saltopus Elginensis.

The programme will be shown on BBC1 at 7pm tonight.



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